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The beauty industry’s only global, vertically-integrated platform: international B2C and B2B distribution, integrated logistics, a 30-person in-house digital marketing team, and in-house licensing and manufacturing.


Explore some of our recent awards, nominations and features.

Glossy Beauty Awards

The PCA x Sela marketing team has been named a finalist in the Glossy Beauty Awards for their multi-platform campaign and impact strategy for Drakkar.

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The Drum

Sela Chief Managing Director Brady Donnelly is highlighted by The Drum, where he provided his expert opinion on brand migration to the app BeReal.

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Supply chain brand

PCA President Piyush Golia discusses strategies and suggestions to mitigate the all-time high labor shortages for the next peak season.

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01 International Ecommerce

As the go-to supplier for over 100 of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, we provide true turnkey, end-to-end services — from demand planning to listings optimization to logistics integration to customer service.

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We are the first and largest U.S. ecom- merce partner with a truly global reach. We serve a global consumer, up and down demographic channels. As a company driven by providing true turn- key solutions, we specialize in product selection, PLP/PDP optimization, digital marketing sell-through strategy, order fulfillment, drop shipping, customer service, and IT services to create the most optimal customer experience.

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02 Digital Marketing

With a team of over 50 digital marketing specialists, we amplify your global presence through integrated marketplace and direct-to-consumer growth strategies, managed fully in-house.

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As a digital-first platform, our 30+ person marketing division is one of the first to truly specialize in the convergence of on and off platform marketing. They address every step of the process from site merchandising, promotional strategy, ensuring brand integrity, PPC campaign management, and reporting. We provide white gloves services throughout the process by developing branded creative assets and performing analytical work to adjust campaigns as needed for maximum results. This is all accomplished with the ultimate goal of expanding to global marketplaces to maximize international visibility and ROI.

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03 Logistics & Supply Chain

Considered the beauty industry’s best-kept-secret, our logistics operation stretches across facilities on every continent and has been instrumental in shifting industry standards in efficiency, speed, and reliability.

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Our team of unique omni-channel experts allows us to be the only U.S. company with the ability to reach every trade channel from mass distribution to luxury storefronts. Our custom-built, carbon-negative 1.5 million cubic foot warehousing facility optimizes our processing, fulfillment, reporting, and tracking operations — which permits B2B and B2C distribution of any scale. We also own every aspect of the industrial process to allow for maximum quality control and streamlined technological services. Our business operations cover every production-level touchpoint to provide immediacy and convenience.

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strategic licensing

04 Strategic Licensing & Brand Building

Our licensing and manufacturing teams entered the market with the acquisition of Kate Spade and has expanded to include some of the most well-known names globally, including Mercedes-Benz, Drakkar Noir, Fila, and Derek Lam.

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Our executive team comes from the top beauty companies in the world and possess extensive industry expertise, allowing us to forge partnerships that ensure our catalog of brands is positioned for success. We got our start by spotting the demand for international fragrances in the U.S. and answered the call for that need to build toward our current structure. Through the acquisition of our first major designer brands, we were able to expand and create a streamlined system from start to finish. Today, we have a vertically integrated network of divisions that harmoniously operate together.

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Despite their individual distinctions, our companies form a one-stop, integrated solution for exponential growth on a uniquely global — and brand-oriented — scale.

The Perfume Center of America (PCA)

Multicategory Distribution Platform for Independent Channel

As the name behind the growth of over 10,000 fragrances sold across 40,000 independent points of sale, PCA is regarded as “the distributor’s distributor” — the name behind the presence of some of the industry’s best-known brands.

Perfume Worldwide (PWW)

Vertically Integrated Ecommerce Platform for Beauty, Wellness, & Lifestyle Categories

PWW directly distributes lifestyle products in over 170 countries — both B2B and B2C — including fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, nail care, beauty tools, and coffee.

3OVO Logistics

Third-Party Logistics Leaders

3OVO Logistics is regarded as the market leader in beauty logistics: 99.7% order accuracy and 99.95% on-time delivery, hundreds of thousands of times per day, across six distribution centers around the globe.

The Premier Group (TPG)

Prestige Product Distributor

The Premiere Group is a prestige beauty company specializing in every aspect of thoughtful brand growth, including creative brand development, marketing, manufacturing, and sell-in and sell-through at the world’s top retailers.


Strategic Brand Advisory

Patina was designed by GM and investment-level professionals with the intention of being modern-day brand builders alongside visionary founders. With a top-down strategy and board-level advisory, they leverage extensive consumer brand investment experience to prepare brands for M&A.


Digital Marketing Experts

As a digital-first platform, our thirty-person marketing division is one of the first to specialize in the convergence of on and off-platform marketing. By addressing site merchandising, promotional strategy, PPC campaign management, and reporting, they provide expansive awareness across global marketplaces while maximizing ROI.

Our Clients

From industry legends to category makers to new-age market leaders, our portfolio speaks to our ability to provide best-in-class, nuanced solutions to brands of any caliber.